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A few words about the color scheme of the site

As you may have noticed, dear readers, the work is not standing still. I do things all the time, and I change stuff on the site. I created the website recently, and these changes are logical. The section is called “Blog News,” and it is in this section that I am going to tell you about new features and features of my site and blog. I am a programmer and continuously want to do something new and share the result.

Initially, I made my site in gray tones. It looked beautiful. Still, the ability to cook CSS was there, but I missed the color. Everybody who saw the website said it was boring, gray all, depressing. So I decided to get better. I don’t know your opinion, but I hope to hear it in the comments that are already working. A friend of mine said, “How fucking bright!” It’s not an indicator yet, but it shows that the direction is right.

Green has always been my favorite color, but as a practice has shown, it must be used carefully and wisely. And my maximalism and desire to see more green color prevents me from maintaining the right balance, so I chose a more neutral, but no less attractive (according to statistics, the most favorite color among people) - sky blue.

Of the positive qualities of the color - it is practically not annoying, does not cause such strong emotions as the same red, does not catch up with sadness like black, does not disgust like brown. Of course, I do not take into account fans of these colors, we all have different passions, but the most rational way in this case - the path of least resistance.

If someone is against blue, comment on it. I will be interested in listening to your opinions about color. Perhaps even, you can devote a separate note to the problem of color.

P.S. It is an old article from far 2010, so the color is not relevant more, but I am keeping the item to track history.

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