The first note in the blog

A word or two about why I decided to start my own blog...

Hello! By this post, I want to start my blog. First, I want to tell you what I’m going to write about in my blog, for whom I’m going to write and how often and why I don’t use ready-made services like LiveJournal.

In general, LJ is a very convenient platform for blogging. The service team has done a lot to make it very comfortable to use, and it is undoubtedly true. Also, the site is quite a lot of users who can read your blog right there and share their opinions. It is much harder to promote your website or blog, and I will not dispute it, but there are some nuances.

I attracted by the fact that I have complete freedom and independence in my blog. I indeed depend on the hosting and domain name provider, of course. However, I have access to the server, I know how to program and can in my blog to implement such things that in the LJ will seldom be implemented. The service is a business, tasks, and desires of the individual user do not mean much. In my blog, I can perform any functions for myself and my readers. The second point is the security and safety of data. Undoubtedly, extensive services are very good at security. Still, I feel safer when I can make a backup of my notes, and I am not afraid that one day some of them will accidentally disappear or will be hidden by the request of the authorities.

The site itself is solely for my benefit. It’s like a hobby and a platform for experimentation. Besides that, I am going to tell you about myself by notes, both about a person and a specialist. This blog is for everyone interested in me or my hobbies and activities. I am a programmer, but it does not mean that I have no other interests or hobbies. I am going to write about what I am interested in at a particular moment or hobbies. It’s about programming, psychology, sports, and many other things. There is only left to write about it in a way that makes it interesting to read. I think the blog will be interesting to many people, and time will tell if it is.

There are professional journalists in magazines and newspapers who can write and write all the time, so they come out regularly. I am not a professional journalist, and I do not know how to write news every day, and that is not necessary. I will write according to my inner urges to share a piece of the story or an idea. I believe that writing is a creative process, and if it is qualitative and exciting to write, you should not hurry.

It is just the first post, and there will be more. Follow up on new notes.

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