Collaboration always gives energy

People in the community can give you energy. If you're tired or disappointed, share it, get help, and continue — don't give up. It is pretty important!
Collaboration always gives energy

I discovered it sometime before. However, when I started learning how indie makers live and do their projects, I remembered it again. I have a simple example that comes from my cycling experience in the past.

I like cycling and riding for long distances. In other words, something like marathons, but only on the bike. People who do it are called randonneurs. The rides in which we participate are called brevets. It is not a race for first place, but rather a competition with yourself. You have to ride the distance on the track during the given time. 200 km in 13 hours and 30 minutes, for example. It is the starting distance. It is pretty hard if you are not well-trained. At one such race, I almost completed the distance. It was around 150 km on my bike computer, and I was exhausted. I even thought to finish the ride and return home. But at some point, I met another rider, and we started to ride together.

We still had about 60 kilometers to go before we were done. First, I rode first, and he followed me. Next time, we changed the order, and I followed him. Such swaps allowed us to ride at a faster pace and still arrive in time for the finish. It was still difficult, but it’s worth noting that the last mile wasn’t completed at the fastest possible speed on the entire track. Remember, it was a 200+ km distance!

According to analogies with indie making, I found out that it is pretty essential to be in the community, see how other people rush, and try to do the same. At some point, I had a feeling of jealousy and disappointment. I see what they are doing, but I am not, because of work, kids, etc. I fought these thoughts and tried to find positive moments.

It works like cycling. People in the community can give you energy. They can offer advice and assist with difficult questions. They’re simply competing in the same race as you. Actually, they help you stay on the right track. If you’re tired or disappointed, share it, get help, and continue — don’t give up. It is pretty important!

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