Donate Manifesto

I started my blog 10 years ago to talk about the technology I work with and also to share my thoughts about the world. Over the past 10 years I have gained experience both professionally and in life, and now I have a lot to talk about.

My blog has never been a commercial project and I didn’t think to make money on it, but like any mental work, writing technical notes takes a lot of effort and time and without proper feedback it can quickly get boring. Burning out these days is no longer a curse, it can happen to anyone.

Therefore, I offer all readers who found my notes useful, solely on a voluntary basis to support my work financially any amount, in the most convenient of the available options.

All donations are solely voluntary and are aimed at developing the blog. In any case, I will continue to work on posts and tell you what I find interesting. Any donations will be helpful and will help my posts appear more frequently and regularly.